January 2015- August 2015 SERVICE SCHEDULE

January 11, 2015                Who is Our Neighbor? –
                                         a service devoted to recognizing and helping our neighbors
January 25                 Tranquility With Tea 
                                                Reflection:  Martin Luther King … and the Dream Still Unfolding
February 8                  Color My World –
                                         a service devoted to coloring inside/outside the lines
February 22                Tranquility With Tea 
                                                Reflection offered by Franklin Dotts 
Ritual of Love
March 8          Foot Washing –  
                             a service devoted to humility and relationships
                        Followed by Refreshments and Fellowship
March 22        Tranquility With Tea
                                    Reflection offered by Syd Harris, Ellen King and members of Tai Chi from The Shepherd Center 
                                                Soul Tending
April 12
                            Gifts For Our Mother
                                 a serviced devoted to stories from and the creation of a gift from Mother Earth’s bounty
April 26           Tranquility With Tea 
                                    Reflection offered by Isabel Forbes
                                                Reflection on Seeing  
May 10
                         Music as Ritual in Religious Experience
     a service devoted to rhythm, melody and harmony                   
 May 24            Tranquility With Tea
                                    Reflection:  Cosmic Hope
June 14           A New Spiritual Journey –
                             a service devoted to becoming a new creation in Jesus Christ through compassion, celebration &                   justice                                                                                        
Followed by Refreshments and Fellowship
July 12                        Tranquility With Tea
                                    Reflection:   Awakening and the ‘Middle Way’
August 9          Tranquility With Tea
Reflection:  Creating a Community Mandala