Journey of the Universe Film Study October 2014

Sacred Traditions and Rituals, Central United Methodist Church, and Wofford College are sponsoring a film study based on Journey of the Universe: An Epic Story of Cosmic, Earth, and Human Transformation.

Journey of the Universe is a dramatic and expansive film that reimagines the universe story and reframes the human connection to the cosmos. Created by a renowned team of scientists, scholars, and award-winning filmmakers, it is beautifully filmed in HD on the Greek island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras.  Journey is hosted by evolutionary philosopher Brian Thomas Swimme, whose stories awaken us to the beauty and complexity of our planet. The film was written by Swimme and Yale historian of religions Mary Evelyn Tucker and produced by Patsy Northcutt and David Kennard.
                                         Watch Journey of the Universe Trailer Here

 The film will be shown on the first Wednesday in October, at 6:30, and on each succeeding Wednesday at 6:30, there will be sessions focused on themes raised in Journey.
The dates and themes for each session are
                                   October 15—Cosmology and Science
                                   October 22—Cosmology and Religion
                                   October 29—Art and Storytelling for Education

Journey of the Universe sessions will be faciliated by John Simmons, who studied with Brian Swimme, John Lane, Professor of Environmental Studies at Wofford College, and Ron Robinson, Chaplain and Professor of Religion at Wofford College.

Each session will begin at 6:30pm in the Upper Room Sunday School Room of the Educational Building at Central UMC
All sessions are open to the public at no cost.

For more information about the film, please see Journey of the Universe Website

For other questions, please contact John Simmons at 864.266.7164